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1. A vector has both size/magnitude and direction where as a scalar only has a size/magnitude.
ex: vectors: displacement and velocity
ex: scalar: speed and distance
2. Distance is the the total length of the path you traveled where as displacement is the change/difference between your initial and final position.
ex. When you run a lap around a track your distance would be the circumference and your displacement would be zero assuming you ended at the same place you started.
3. Distance = 800 m Displacement = 0 m
4. Distance = 17 miles Displacement = 3 miles to the West
5. Distance = 7 miles Displacement = 5 miles
6. Speed is the rate at which your distance changes speed = distance/time
Velocity is the rate at which position changes velocity = displacement/time
7. Speed = 6.15 m/s Velocity = 0 m/s
8. Speed = 8.5 m/s Velocity = 1.5 m/s to the West
9. Find the slope
10. A straight, flat, horizontal line
11. Positive, constant velocity
12. Negative, constant velocity
13. 660 meters

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AP Physics Review Answers
8. a)1.125 m/s2 b)13.5 m/s
9. a)18.83 s b)1347m
10.a)16.6 m/s b)1.7 s
11. a) 47 m/s b) 112.8 m
12. a) 6.6 s b) 33.7m/s

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